Introducing ParaSwap Mobile

Beta Launch Program on IOS

What is ParaSwap Mobile?

Game changer features and crypto management at your fingertips. We’re proudly launching the Beta Program to let our community and new joiners explore the full power of our app.

The ParaSwap iOS mobile app represents an essential piece of the puzzle in our ecosystem, enabling users to store, trade, and manage their crypto on the go seamlessly.

Like how you experience our services on your desktop, the iOS app also offers our full suite of services. Using a single app, you can now access all our features in one place: buying crypto with fiat, storing & managing crypto assets, and trading P2P NFTs.

Who is eligible?

We are allowing 10 000 users to access the Beta Launch Program of the ParaSwap iOS mobile app before everyone else!

If you are staking at least $100 in PSP, your access is mostly granted, and you only need to register your email address. We understand the importance of privacy, so we used Sismo to strengthen our privacy practices during the email verification process. Using ZK Proofs, during the verification process happening on Sismo frontend, no link is ever created between the wallet address staking PSP and the verified email address.

For those users who are neither PSP stakers nor holders but still want to participate in the beta testing program, we are kicking off a waitlist campaign. The position on the waitlist will be based on the users’ social sharing reach. They will earn 1 point per channel share (Reddit, Telegram, Linkedin, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email) and 3 points for every friend they sign up.

To check your eligibility status, click on the button below, connect your wallet, and you will be redirected appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions that we get asked frequently on our support channels.
If your question isn't part of the list, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

What is ParaSwap Mobile App?

ParaSwap mobile app enables users to store, trade, and manage their crypto assets on the go seamlessly. A one-stop shop at your fingertips, designed to bring together ParaSwap as an ecosystem, opening users up to a treasury of crypto management tools.

ParaSwap mobile app enables users to not only trade at the best rates with the highest efficiency but also store tokens and trade NFTs like no other app on the market.

How does ParaSwap Mobile work?

Our iOS mobile app offers our full suite of services carefree, with full control over them and on the highest level of security. You can keep control of data sharing and iOS cloud backups, making sure your data goes only where you want it to go.

Featuring multi-chain support, with ParaSwap mobile app on IOS you can buy crypto with fiat and securely store it, swap and trade crypto with up to 100% gas refunds and trade NFT P2P.

How can I access ParaSwap Mobile?

ParaSwap iOS mobile app will be soon available in the App Store. For now, you can apply for our Beta Launch Program by clicking on the ‘Check Eligibility’ button above, connect your wallet and you will be redirected appropriately.

We are launching ParaSwap Mobile in private beta, and we are allowing a limited number of beta-testers to access the app. If you are not eligible to join the main list of our beta testers, you will be redirected to the waitlist subscription form, where you can track the queue's progress. After your subscription, a referral URL will be emailed to you so you can share it and earn points to advance your position on the waitlist.

Can I use other decentralized apps with ParaSwap Mobile?

Yes! You can connect your wallet on ParaSwap to any application that supports WalletConnect. You can access this feature in the Connected dApps menu in the Settings section of the mobile app.

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